Teaching technology literacy to the next generation

Social Oppression, Ruby and Codes of Conduct

Hackety Hack is a valuable resource for teaching computer programming to kids. It’s a programming environment and a framework for providing interactive lessons. Steve Klabnik is the hero who took over the project after it was abandoned by its original author, _why.

Lindsey Bieda is a computer scientist and feminist who has become an activist on the issue of why women don’t go into computing.

Steve and Lindsey have joined up to produce Anti-Oppression 101, a presentation on gender discrimination in STEM careers, in the context of the larger issue of social oppression.

In Engine Yard’s latest Cloud Out Loud podcast, Social Oppresion, Ruby and Codes of Conduct, Steve and Lindsey talk about all forms of discrimination in technology education, hiring and the workplace. And they have a surprising and saddening statistic about development conferences that might be news to you.