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Only 14.5% of engineers in the job force today are women. Why is that? Is it because women make terrible engineers? No, it isn’t. Women make excellent engineers. And a lot of the earliest computer programmers were women. So then what’s the problem?

Heidi Wang explains that there are three problems stopping girls from going into computer science:

  1. The don’t think that they’ll be good at it.
  2. They don’t think that computer science is interesting.
  3. The have this image of engineers that they don’t think is attractive.

Girls Teaching Girls To Code is a program to inspire more girls to pursue opportunities in computer science and engineering. Over one weekend, 30 Stanford and UC Berkeley women in Computer Science will teach 100 San Francisco Bay Area high school girls to code. The goal of the program is to empower girls by teaching them that:

  1. They can code.
  2. That coding is useful and fun.
  3. That there are awesome women in this field who can mentor them for a career in computer science.

You can support Girls Teaching Girls To Code by voting for the idea at GoodMaker.